baleine a bosses nosybe pEmbark on our boat to come and watch humpback whales: A daydream for you!

Accompanied by an expert guide, you will discover this mythical animal. Humpback whales that come to breed and give birth to their calves are present in the waters of Nosy Be from July to November.

With navigation and viewing conditions often very favorable in this period, a comfortable and adapted boat  for  this type of tour you will spend a day full of emotions. Among mothers with their calf resting in the calm waters of the bay, and the males fighting off to seduce females, the show will be waiting for you!

In addition, our hydrophone will allow you to hear the whale songs.

requins baleine nosybe pEmbark on our boat to live a rare and sensational experience: swimming with the biggest fish in the world, the legendary whale shark!

Just equip fins / mask / snorkel, slip into the water and you will find yourself in the company of this animal that can reach 15 meters long. This totally harmless giant swims quietly, filtering plankton and small fish ...

By Nosy Be by the end of September, whale sharks come eating in the rich waters of the region. With our experience in the area and thanks to our partners’ network on the water, you have more than 95% chance to observe them! It is an experience accessible to all: Even if you are not a great swimmer, we can adapt to all audiences. The simple fact of seeing them from the boat is already an unforgettable moment...

palme tortues nosybe pIn Nosy Be, only fins / masks / and snorkels are needed to discover the rich marine fauna and flora. Therefore, we're taking you to discover the unique biodiversity of coral reefs of the islands around Nosy Be. If you want, you can be accompanied in the water by a guide / diving instructor who will show you the best spots safely. Explanatory sheets on flora and fauna will allow you to learn more about the species you see.

Nosy Tanikely is the marine reserve in the region. Protected fishing for many years, it's a real aquarium where the clear, shallow waters (between 2 and 12 m deep) open all the fauna and flora of the region, including many hawksbills. With three spots around the island, we adapt the trip depending on your level and your desires.

Nosy Sakatia is an island located on the west side of Nosy Be. With a shallow seagrass (2 to 3 meters), it's the perfect spot to observe and admire the giant green turtles coming to eat peacefully in these calm waters.

Best spot for a snorkeling adventure around Nosy Be!

safari marin iranja pEmbark on our boat to the paradise island of Nosy Iranja (45km away) to discover the marine biodiversity of the region.

Throughout the year around Nosy Be, it is possible to observe different species of dolphins (Thursiops, spinner dolphin, humpback dolphins) but also whales (humpback whales, Bryde's whales, Omura’s  whales) or whales shark.

You will also have the opportunity to discover the richness of the seabed in the area around Nosy Iranja snorkeling with an instructor.

Long story short, a day full of surprises, between land and sea ...

bivouac nosy iranja pLocated 45 km in the south of Nosy Be, Nosy Iranja is the quintessential island paradise: two islands connected by a 1km long sandbank, crystal clear waters, white sandy beaches ... Welcome to paradise !

You will stay in bungalows (or tents) right by the water, and we will take advantage of these two days to make you discover the beauty and richness of underwater islands. During our boat trips, the goal is to see whales, dolphins and turtles. You may also be lucky enough to see a turtle nesting!

Experience two wonderful days!

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