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ALEFA is bivouacing every day on a new site, it is snorkeling for the pleasure of the eyes and some tapas for the drink, buy fish from the fishermen, penetrate the heart of the mangroves, walk around, meet simply men who populate this unspoilt world and soak up their smiles.

BALEINES RAND’EAU is embarking every morning with a naturalist guide to meet the exceptional marine biodiversity of the Nosy Be region. Spot the breath of a humpback whale or the jump of a dolphin to live meetings in complete privacy, with a team of enthusiasts.

When these two concepts come together, it is to make you live more than a trip, an immersion in an earthly and maritime paradise.

Morning at sea in search of marine life. The afternoon is devoted to discovering the land side.

This unique service combines 20 years of ALEFA experience on the northwestern coast of Nosy Be with an authentic boat and the knowledge of cetaceans and the fast boat Whale Rand'eau.

For a detailed program of this trip consult us.

  • 7h00: Breakfast aboard the Catamaran
  • 8h30 to 11h30: Morning dedicated to the research and the observation of the humpback whales.
  • 12:00: We find the Catamaran on a new anchorage-
  • 14h30: Inland ballad, reading, kayaking, paddle, snorkeling ....
  • 16h00: Aperitif, meals and night aboard the Catamaran

 baleines à bosse, rorquals de Bryde, rorquals d'Omura, dauphins long bec, dauphins Thursiop, tortues vertes

Période d'observation  End of July to end of December

Tarifs   : Humpback whale, spinner dolphin, spotted dolphin, humpback dolphins, bottlenose dolphin, turtles…

Les Baleines Rand'eau

Resto Le TSY MANIN – Plage de Madirokely – Nosy Be - BP 428
Nosy Be 207


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