Complementing the touristic activity, the association, MADAMegafauna, has been created in 2015. It's objective is all actions about the observation, sensitization, knowledges improvement and protection of cetaceans, whale sharks, turtles and global marine biodiversity in Nosy Be and Mozambic canal waters.

You can find more informations on the web site :

Concretly, we act in two main sectors :


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Convinced that knowledge is the basis for development and conservation, we regularly organize conferences and sensitization actions about aquatic habitat, it's magic, it's fragility, for children in the different schools of the perfume island.

We also organize every year a "Whale Week End" on Madirokely Beach. Its essential that Nosy Be's new generation understand and realize how lucky they are to beneficiate of such an incredible marine environment, and how important it is to protect it in the coming years. So, during two days, activities about cetaceans, and the sea in general are organized(waste collection, sand sculptures, drawing contest, conferences and debates), and more than 50 children are selected to go on the sea and discover these animals that live just close from them but they never saw before  !

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Moreover, we regularly organize conferences in hotels and private houses, on demand, to prepare the coming excursions or simply share information and debate with tourists and residents about the marine megafauna of the region.


Even if extremely rich and diversified (cetaceans, sharks, turtles, coral fishes,...), Nosy Be waters have never been really studied until now.

Another objective of the association is to better know and understand our area, through different scientific projects, with the help of specialized partners but also during every excursion we do.

We work on 3 main projects :

        - Nosy Be Omura's Whale Project 

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Last species of whale discovered, in 2003, this whale is totally unknown. Nosy Be is, for the moment, the only place in the world where we know they live all year long.

In partnership with Dr Salvatore Cerchio, world specialist of cetacean and scientific responsible of the association, we started the very first study about this whale in the wild  

Two missions are organized every year, with Dr Cerchio and his team, to better understand this whale, trying to quantify the population, its habits, it's alimentation... To better understand it is to be better able to protect it  !

A website has been created about our project  :

        - Whale Sharks Project

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In partnership with Dr Jeremy Kiszka, from the Florida International University, a whale shark identification program has been started in 2015. This program, that should last several years, will give us a lot of important information about the number of whale shark that are seen every year in the area, their sex, and their displacement around the world, thanks to satelite tags put on differents individuals !

Stella Diamant, belgium scientist, is in charge now of the program and present in Nosy Be, each year since 2015, between july to December. For more informations about his project, 


        - The Global Fin Print Project

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The objective of this worldwide project is to identify the species of sharks and rays all around the world, and Nosy Be is a spot that scientist wanted to explore. Baited cameras will be set up on 8 differents reefs to know the diversity of species of selachii that live around Nosy Be islands.

You can find more informations about this project on the global fin print website  :

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Moreover, during every excursion we do with Baleines Rand'eau, scientific datas (species, number of individuals, ID pictures, GPS datas, sea temperature, weather,...) are systematically collected and compiled. We then share all these datas with our partners (specialzed associations, researchers, National Center for Oceanic research,....) to have a better overview and understanding of this secret and exciting world that surrounds us...


Your involvment in the scientific datas  :

Due to the lack of available fundings for the research, it's very difficult to regularly go on the sea especially for scientific reasons.

Thanks to your presence on the boat and the tickets you buy, your concretly participate to the improvement of the knowledges and the understanding of the species we meet. A part of each ticket is given to the association to allow us to continue our projects  !

You can also participate to the identification of cetaceans thanks to your photos - some instructions about photos ID are given before the excursion - that you can give us at the end of the day or send us by mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Be actors of this special day and help us to better understand this world that facinates and intrigues us  !

Les Baleines Rand'eau

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