Spinner dolphins

Dauphins Long bec p

This is one of the most visible dolphins in Nosy Be. It is regularly found in banks of 200 or more than 1,000 individuals. Very social, fast and acrobatic, he just swims at the bow of the boat and ensures the show! They are black or dark grey on the back, peeled over on his stomach, and their eyes as their lips - often but not always - edged with black. Spinner dolphins measures between 130 and 200 cm. It weighs 45-75 kg.

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Pantropical spotted dolphin

dauphin tachete pantropical p

Very present in Nosy Be, pantropical spotted dolphin is different from other similar size dolphins because of his speckled belly and flanks. It is observed in groups of 20 to over 500 individuals. Asspinner dolphins, it is very playful and does not hesitate to come surfing around the boat and perform jumps and impressive spins! It is found in tropical and temperate waters worldwide.

Trips where we observe the most: Sea Safari - Nosy IranjaHumpback whales safari

Indo Pacific Dolphin

dauphin tursiop p

The descendant of "Flipper" remains the most famous dolphins. We find them in all the seas of the world, the North Pacific to the South Atlantic, through the Mediterranean and the Indian Ocean. Usually in groups, sometimes up to several dozen individuals, it is visible all year long around Nosy Be. It is also the least shy of toothed whales regularly surfing the bow boats or with other cetaceans offering jumps, tail or head banging. It is among the largest listed dolphins (up to 4 meters) and spends most of his time playing on the surface or reproducing.

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Humpback dolphins

dauphins a bosse p

Permanent resident on the coast of Nosy Be, humpback dolphin is distinguished by its very pronounced hump right in front of the dorsal fin. Medium size (2 meters), but robust, it prefers shallow coastal waters (within 25meters) and is spread over the majority of the Indian Ocean coast. Swimming slowly and in small groups (3 to 15 individuals), frequently mixing with Indo Pacific Dolphins, it doesn’t often, however, let us approach, but sometimes gratifies his admirers who know how to keep their distances with beautiful acrobatics.

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False Killer whale

Pseudorques dauphin nosybe

Although its name does not indicate, the false killer whale is part of the dolphin family. Halfway between dolphin and orca, its rounded head and his impressive size (up to 6 meters) remind us of the famous "killer whale". Feeding itself on fish and small dolphins, however, it may attack other larger cetaceans (spinner dolphins, pygmy killer whale). Present in much of the world's seas, it moves in groups of a few or hundreds, sometimes scattering several kilometers, and swims frequently at the bow of the boat. Player he can jump and draw the head and a large part of the body out of the water.

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Tropical pilot whales

dauphin globycephale nosybe

From the dolphin family and subfamily globicephalinae, the pilot whale is one of the largest dolphins. Widely distributed throughout the globe, it can reach over 7 meters and weigh up to 4 tons. It is a very sociable animal, which is often found in company of other species (indo pacific dolphin, humpback dolphin).He lets himself be easily approached and thereby be curious. He is able, despite his size, to jump and to make spectacular tail strikes. The very close morphology of the two species (black pilot whales and tropical pilot whales) makes it extremely difficult to distinguish, especially as Madagascar is as an area of overlap of their ranges.

Trips where we observe the most: Sea Safari - Nosy IranjaHumpback whales safari


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