Green Turtle

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The green turtle can reach up to 1.50 meters and weigh up to 230kg. It is named after the color of its fat. Its shell is brown olive, mottled yellow. It is recognizable by its large round head, its blunt nose and two large prefrontal scales between its eyes. The green turtle can reach a speed of 35 km / h. We recognize the adult male in his long tail, which exceeds 30 cm of the shell.

Traveling thousands of miles each year, green turtles always return to nest on the beach where they were born, apparently guided by magnetic fields. Females haul out at night on the beach to dig in the sand a 2 meters wide and 1 meter deep bowl where they lay hundreds of eggs. They head back to the water before the sunrise after carefully resealing everything. They resume again several times a season, but lay only every 2 or 3 years.

The hatchlings emerge from the nest all together and head immediately to the sea, 1 baby turtle in 1000 reaches adulthood (20 years).

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Hawksbill Turtle

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The hawksbill turtle measures between 60 and 100 cm and weighs between 43 and 75 kg. It is easily identifiable by its thick scales posed as the tiles of a roof, with its long narrow and hooked nose, and by its two claws arranged at a few centimeters from each other on the outer half-fins. Female hawksbill turtles reproduce only every two or three years. The breeding period lasts six months, the females return to their nest site on average 2 to 4 times per season. They each land on the beach, dig a nest and lay an average of a hundred eggs. The incubation period takes 47 to 75 days, depending on the season and location. The hawksbill turtle is a great swimmer. Scientists have observed spikes at 24km/h over five kilometers. Hawksbill feeding consists mainly of sea sponges.

Trips where we observe the most: Snorkeling Tanikely-Sakatia

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