Whale Shark

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The whale shark is the largest fish in the world, its size can go up to 15 meters for 34 tons! However, most of the specimens encountered rarely exceed 12 meters. Whale sharks that we see in Nosy Be measure between 4 and 10 m long.

Omnivorous, feeding on plankton, fish fry, small fish, crustaceans and algae, it has no teeth: it filters the water swimming open mouthed. The whale shark is a pelagic animal (it follows the currents) and is able to travel thousands of miles in search for food. Widely hunted for food but especially its fins, it is part of vulnerable species.

 Completely harmless to humans, this massive shark, moving slowly and totally devoid of aggression, comes at the end of each year for food in the bay of Nosy Be!

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Les Baleines Rand'eau

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