Humpback whales

baleine a bosse nosy be p

Measuring 15 meters for about 40 tons, the humpback whale is a tireless traveler, which alternates between the rich waters of the poles, where it mainly feeds itself on krill (small shrimp) and tropical waters where it comes for reproducing. It goes through around 10 000 km per year. The humpback whale is the most curious, playful and expressive of cetaceans, which makes her the star of Whale Watching in the world.

Taking advantage of a calm and shallow sea and a bright sun, couples of mother and calf lounge in the bay that separates Madagascar and Nosy Be, while groups of male find themselves on the edge of the continental shelf to indulge in famous battles, jumps and strikes caudal or pectoral. The humpback whale is also known for its singing, the most powerful of the animal world, produced only by males in the tropics.

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Bryde’s Whales

Rorqual de Bryde p

Also called "tropical whale", this whale measures up to 14 meters. This is one of the few that does not migrate. Thus, you can cross the path of a Bryde throughout the year around Nosy Be. Sometimes fierce but sometimes very curious, just like the Omura’s whale, is much easier to approach when chasing - it feeds itself "rushing" into small shoals of crustaceansor small fishes. The whales are often seen in Nosy Be in groups of 1 to 7 Individuals scattered in the rich fishing areas.

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Omura's whale

Rorqual d omura

Recently discovered (because very similar to Bryde’ whale) it is the most observed whale in Nosy Be. It is recognizable by the white and black color asymmetrical of throat grooves and baleen It reaches  up to 11 meters and 10 / and 12 tons. The presence of this whale in Nosy Be is a great interest for scientists who will be studying it for the upcoming years. Just like the Bryde’s whales, Omura’s whales around Nosy Be appear to be sedentary.

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Les Baleines Rand'eau

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