Nosy Be, des îles riches et variées

Welcome to Nosy Be ! 

Small island located in Madagascar, in the Mozambique Channel, in the heart of Ampasindava Bay, Nosy Be is a real paradise! An amazing marine biodiversity (whales, dolphins, turtles, whale sharks…) make it one of the pearls of Madagascar and a must on your trip to Madagascar! 

 Around, many islands are accessible by boat for day trips or over several days. During our excursions we invite you to discover: Nosy Tanikely, Nosy Sakatia and Nosy Iranja

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How to come to Nosy Be?

By plane : 

  • From Antananarivo with the company TSARADIA
  • From Reunion with AIR AUSTRAL 
  • From Mayotte with the company EWA
  • From Ethiopia (Addis Ababa) with ETHIOPIAN AIRLINES

By Boat : 

You can access Nosy Be from the D'ankify port. Many speedboats provide transfers from Ankify to Hell Ville. Travel time is 45 minutes. 

What is the best season to travel to Nosy Be?

Nosy Be has an exceptional climate with more than 330 days of sunshine/year! Water and air temperatures vary (approximately) between 25°C and 30°C! 

So you can come and discover Nosy Be all year round! However, between January and March, depending on the tropical depressions, the weather can be overcast and very humid. 

For the observation of marine megafauna (variable depending on the year) 

  • Turtles and Dolphins: all year round
  • Humpback whales: The season is from mid August to early November
  • Whale sharks: The season is from September to the end of December
How to get around in Nosy Be?

Nosy Be is an island about thirty kilometers long and 25 wide. 

Nosy Be is an island about thirty kilometers long on A road goes around the island! You will be able to realize this during your trip to Nosy Be, but the quality of the roads can leave something to be desired! 

For your travels: 

  • The “Bajaj” or “Tuk Tuk”: You cannot miss them! They are yellow! Small light vehicle for 3 people. Practical and inexpensive! Different rates whether “Private” or “Collective”.
  • Taxis: Still used for airport transfers in particular, but are increasingly replaced by “Bajaj”
  • Scooter: If you spend a few days in Nosy Be and want to be independent, this is a very good solution. Many rental companies on the island! Watch out for the quality of the roads and the potholes! 

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