Our excursions in Nosy Be

FAQ activities in Nosy Be

Where is the place of departure of our excursions?

Our departures are from our center located on Madirokely Beach, next to the LE TSY MANIN Bar / Restaurant, at 8:15 am. If you wish to come by taxi / tuk tuk please specify to your driver: "TATI CHRIS", this is a bar that all drivers know!

For excursions "WHALE SHARK RAND'EAU", "WHALE RAND'EAU" we can also pick you up at:

  • 8:30 am on AMBONDRONA beach in front of the NOSY LODGE Hotel
  • 8.45 am on SHANTY BEACH beach

For “MARINE SAFARI Nosy Iranja”, “BIVOUAC” and “Tanikely / Sakatia SNORKELING RAND'EAU” departure and return from our center.

In order to limit the waiting time for other passengers, we ask you to anticipate your transfers to be on time for departure. We will wait a maximum of 15 minutes and will leave without the latecomers. In case of delay, please notify us.

Do you arrange transfers?

We do not arrange taxi or Tuk Tuk transfers. Please contact your Hotel/B&B to arrange your transfer. However, when we return from our excursions at our center, we can call a taxi for you (at your expense).

Can we board with you if we cannot swim OR are not comfortable in the water?

To get in the water, we adapt to your level and to conditions. If you are not comfortable it is important to report it to your guide so that he can get in the water with you at a suitable time.

Pour les personnes qui ne savent pas nager, elles peuvent embarquer et profiter des animaux depuis le bateau, sans se mettre à l’eau .

We do not know your level in the water, so it is your own responsibility to slip into the water with the animals, always with a priority on safety!

Do you guarantee animal sightings?

We will never guarantee animal sightings during our excursions. We do our best to find animals, but even in high season, nature decides! However we are very honest about the chances of sightings animals and warn our passengers in advance when the chances are low. Our success rates are however very high: more than 90% over the whole season! 

What should you bring with you for excursions?
  • A beach towel
  • Swimsuit, during our excursions, we can go regularly in the water. So please arrive in a swimsuit ... ready to slip into the water!
  • Camera: you can take your cameras, gopro, etc. However, for non-waterproof cameras, we cannot be held responsible for any damage.

For the Bivouacs:

  • Provide only a small bag with: dry items for the evening, toiletries
  • You can leave your suitcases and valuables (passports, money, electronic devices, etc.) at our center

In order to limit the impact on the environment, we ask you:

  • To provide a Lycra.
  • To limit the use of sunscreen, which is extremely harmful to reefs, and to favor "Water Friendly" sunscreens.
  • Put sunscreen at the start of the excursion and not just before getting in the water.
Can we swim with Humpback Whales?

Swimming with humpback whales is prohibited in Madagascar, so whale watching is only possible from the boat. However, swimming with whale sharks, rays, turtles and others species is possible

Combien de personnes embarquez vous sur le bateau ?
  • Nos départs sont garantis à partir de 4 personnes / Bateau.
  • Le nombre maximum de personnes / bateau est de 12 passagers + 1 guide + 1 skipper. 
  • Les mises à l’eau avec les requins baleine, sont en général divisés en 2 groupes pour garantir la qualité de l’interaction. En fonction des conditions, nombre de personnes sur le bateau…nous pouvons modifier ce nombre de personne) 
Je réserve plusieurs sorties avec vous. Puis je bénéficier dune remise ?

Vous bénéficiez d’une remise de 10 % à 15% de remise si vous réservez 3 sorties ou + avec nous (en fonction période de réservation). Faites nous part de vos envies et vous vous enverrons une proposition sur mesure ! 

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