Excursion "Humpback whales safari"

humpback whale jumps to nosy be
humpback whale in nosybe
whale safari at nosy be - pectoral
whale safari at nosy be
whale safari at nosy be
humpback whale jumps to nosy be
humpback whale in nosybe
whale safari at nosy be - pectoral
whale safari at nosy be
whale safari at nosy be

Embark on our boat to come and observe the humpback whales: A dream day awaits you! 

Accompanied by a specialized guide, you will discover this mythical animal. Humpback whales, which come to reproduce and give birth in the warm waters of Nosy Be from August to November.

This migration is an opportunity to observe them in an exceptional setting with often very favorable sea conditions. Whether mother/calf pairs resting on the plateau or groups of active males looking to reproduce, each encounter gives rise to special moments! 

During these outings, we very regularly observe other species of cetaceans (spinner dolphin, spotted dolphin, Indo-Pacific dolphins, etc.).

Compliance with instructions and behavior with animals is a priority for us ! Le briefing, qui vous sera donné au départ de la sortie, vous donnera les comportements a respecter lors de cette sortie.

After the morning at sea, you will enjoy lunch on the beach of Nosy Sakatia and a meeting with the green turtles who come to feed on the seagrass beds. 

Humpback whales can also be observed during outings Safari Marin Nosy Iranja, Bivouac Nosy Iranja, and Marine Safari Baie des Russes between August and October.

A Nosy Be, avec des conditions de navigation et d’observation souvent très favorables en cette période, un bateau confortable et adapté à ce type d’excursion, vous passerez une excursion pleine d’émotions. Entre les mères accompagnées de leur baleineau qui se reposent dans les eaux calmes de la baie de Nosy Be et les mâles qui se battent au large pour séduire les femelles, le spectacle sera au rendez vous !
Notre bateau est équipé d’un hydrophone. Lors de cette excursion, quand les conditions sont réunies, vous aurez peu peut être la chance d’entendre les chants des mâles.
  • 8:15 am: Departure from Nosy Be and briefing on board
  • 8h30 à 12h30 : Matinée consacrée à la recherche et à l’observation des baleines à bosse.
  • 1 p.m .: Traditional meal by the beach on the island of Nosy Sakatia (raw vegetables, coconut rice, grilled fish, octopus sauce, pancakes and fruit or donuts)
  • 2:15 p.m .: Snorkeling on the reef or on the seagrass to observe green turtles
  • 3 p.m .: Return to Nosy Be
Inclus dans le tarif de cette excursion : Le repas, l’eau, le matériel de snorkeling et les bananes à bord !

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Our strengths

Excursions à Nosy Be avec Baleines Rand'eau

Our team

Spend a wonderful day, make unforgettable encounters accompanied by passionate guides who will share with you their love and respect for the sea!

Excursion à Nosy Be avec Baleines Rand'eau

Our boats

Our three boats are open Vandam hulls. They are 8m long and 2.5m wide. Equipped with a awning for sun protection, storage case for your bags, a shelf and a fin racket, these boats are perfectly designed for our activity. It's very easy to get in the water and to come back on the boat. Equipped with a 150hp Yamaha engine, we can quickly get to the area of observation.

Whale hydrophone in Nosy Be

Hydrophone: listen to the whalesong!

Thanks to our hydrophone, you may have the chance to hear humpback whalesong or listen to dolphins communicate. "The world of silence" is not that silent!

Lago Rand'eau Palmée Tanikely / Sakatia

Our sightings success rate: more than 90 %!

Our strength is also to have excellent success rates in species sightings: for humpback whales and whale sharks it is more than 95% of chance to spot them, 99% for turtles, 85% for dolphins. This success can be explained by our experience and our network!

Excursion à Nosy Br avec Baleines Rand'eau

Waterproof identification sheet on fauna and flora

It is always a magical time to see marine mammals and fish in their environment. It is also important to have explanations and information on fauna and flora. Therefore, in addition to a specialized guide on each excursion, you can find out more by consulting the documentation available on our boats.

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