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Our strengths

Excursions to Nosy Be with Baleines Rand'eau

Our team

Spend a wonderful day, make unforgettable encounters accompanied by passionate guides who will share with you their love and respect for the sea!

Excursion to Nosy Be with Whales Rand & #039; water

Our boats

Our three boats are open Vandam hulls. They are 8m long and 2.5m wide. Equipped with a awning for sun protection, storage case for your bags, a shelf and a fin racket, these boats are perfectly designed for our activity. It's very easy to get in the water and to come back on the boat. Equipped with a 150hp Yamaha engine, we can quickly get to the area of observation.

Whale hydrophone in Nosy Be

Hydrophone: listen to the whalesong!

Thanks to our hydrophone, you may have the chance to hear humpback whalesong or listen to dolphins communicate. "The world of silence" is not that silent!

Lago Rand'eau Palmée Tanikely / Sakatia

Our sightings success rate: more than 90 %!

Our strength is also to have excellent success rates in species sightings: for humpback whales and whale sharks it is more than 95% of chance to spot them, 99% for turtles, 85% for dolphins. This success can be explained by our experience and our network!

Excursion to Nosy Br with Whales Rand & #039; water

Waterproof identification sheet on fauna and flora

It is always a magical time to see marine mammals and fish in their environment. It is also important to have explanations and information on fauna and flora. Therefore, in addition to a specialized guide on each excursion, you can find out more by consulting the documentation available on our boats.

Reception 1 in Nosy Be

Our commitments

Aware of the impact we have on the environment through our activities, we want to minimize it and are committed to protecting and raising awareness of the marine biodiversity of Nosy Be!

When you board on our boats, you also participate since a part of the tariff that we apply is used to finance the various associations and projects that we support!

“L’émerveillement est le premier pas vers le respect”, embarquez avec nous pour vivre des rencontres dans un paradis marin encore préservé !

Our actions & associations

MADAMegafauna association

As a complement to this tourist activity, the "MADA Megafauna" association was created in 2015. Its purpose is all actions about observation, awareness, improvement of knowledge and protection of cetaceans, whale sharks, turtles and more generally marine biodiversity in Nosy Be and the Mozambique Channel. Its flagship awareness project "GUARDIANS OF THE OCEAN" implemented since 2019 is very successfull! More information :

Madagascar Whale Shark Project

Created in 2016 by Stella Diamant, in partnership with the MADAMegafauna association, this project aims to establish the occurrence, residency, and population structure of whale sharks in Nosy Be. Photos Identification, awareness, implementation of code of conduct are the objectives of this key project. We welcome the foundation to our structure and we board volunteers and scientists on our boats during the whale shark season. More information :

No plastic

Reducing plastic bottle use: alu drinking bottle on our boats

In order to reducing plastic bottle use, we have set up a filtration system (UV filter + OSMOSER) to ensure good quality water available in aluminium drinking bottle on our boats

Code of conduct

Briefing and Code of conduct

Reception 2 at Nosy Be

In order to limit our impact on animals, we respect the animal approach charters. Adopting codes of good conduct and informing our passengers through a clear briefing is essential in our work philosophy! 

Swimming with humpback whales is prohibited in Madagascar, so whale watching is only possible from the boat. However, swimming with whale sharks, rays, turtles and others species is possible


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